A330 Engine Failure Caught On Video

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The pilots of a Thomas Cook A330 had their hands full when the right engine of the big airliner failed on the takeoff roll at Manchester Airport in the U.K. Planespotter video by Eddie Leathwood shows a jet of flame exiting the rear of the engine followed by smoke and the delayed sound of the explosion. There were no reported injuries and the explosion appears to have been contained.

The engine comes apart about 10 seconds into the takeoff roll and that left plenty of runway for an emergency stop. The video shows smoke pouring from the tires and one of the spectators says he sees a tire blow. There were 325 passengers and crew on the aircraft, which was headed to the Dominican Republic. Emergency crews responded but there was no fire and the aircraft was able to get back to the gate under its own power. A couple of flights were diverted while the runway was cleared of engine bits.