Fuller Announces Changes To Expo, Now AOPA Summit


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association President Craig Fuller announced Saturday name and format changes for his organization’s annual meeting, formerly AOPA Expo, to be held in Tampa this November. “We want to help you connect to the reasons that you fly,” he said, “so you can maximize the value you get from your personal aviation experience.” In plain English, that translates to a name change from AOPA Expo to “The AOPA Aviation Summit” (in this case, the first ever) as well as physical changes made most obvious, according to AOPA, by a new exhibitor layout. The new format “will provide opportunities for product demonstrations” and more, “right in the middle of it all.” Fuller didn’t explain all the changes in great detail, but offered a teaser by saying that the static aircraft display (hosted this year at Peter O. Knight Airport) will showcase aspects of general aviation “that members are not used to seeing.” But again, the major differences, according to Fuller, will be on the exhibit floor. Exactly what you should expect is anyone’s guess, but with Fuller’s comments that “we are expanding our horizons,” clearly you’re meant to expect “more.”

The new exhibits will apparently offer attendees new, presumably greater, opportunities to “touch, test, and interact with the people and technology” relevant to each person in their experience as a pilot. In the end, the next AOPA Expo will be the first AOPA Summit and celebrates the organization’s 70th anniversary. Interested parties should mark their calendars for Nov. 5 through 7.