DeLand Cancels January Show, Resets For Fall


COVID-19 has taken down another regional airshow, as the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase, which had already rescheduled from December to January, has made the “tough call” to further push back the event into fall of 2021. Specific dates have yet to be determined.

“It’s been heartbreaking,” DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase boss, Jana Filip, said in a statement. “We gave it every chance to happen, but conditions simply will not allow the proper measure of safety at this time … or in the near future.” The organizers feel that “with Florida COVID-19 numbers on the rise, limitations on national travel and severe limitations on international travel, as well as potential sponsor companies with their own travel bans, the DSAS effort was simply too improbable to take a chance on.”

Still scheduled for Jan. 30 is a one-day “Fly and Drive” event co-sponsored by automaker Tesla and featuring DeLand’s EAA Chapter 635’s monthly pancake breakfast with seating outside under the verandas. DeLand’s organizers say that if the one-day event is well attended, it might try a series of them leading up to the November big show.

“DSAS21 will happen … I’m sure of it,” says Filip. “But we need more time and better safety resources so that we can provide the best possible kind of Showcase while making sure that safety remains a primary focal point.”

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  1. Not surprising considering the current spikes of the pandemic all over the country. But, at least the promising results from two vaccine trials gives hope that the major air show events of 2021 might go on as planned. Sun ‘n Fun will be the big one to watch.

  2. The really big one is (of course) Oshkosh (AirVenture moniker did not quite replace Oshkosh). I agree with John M. re: the two vaccines, but the issue is not vaccines but vaccination. Lots of people will not get the vaccine due to political, religious, perception of safety, availability (distribution), low-information etc. views and attitudes. Potentially a large percentage of the US population might fall in the non-vax group.

    Assuming that the vaccines are available by Oshkosh timeframe, will we need to prove that we have been vaccinated? Regardless, we still have to act as if the virus is active and still deadly.