Mike Jones Aircraft in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, found a real niche with what he calls the Bahama Station Wagon, also known as the Lock & Key Piper Navajo. Jones thinks the Piper Navajo is among the best piston twins ever built, and his extensive Lock & Key refurbishment program makes a good airplane even better. With the latest avionics suite, speed and performance mods, high-end paint and interior work, plus extensive maintenance and component replacements, the aircraft really are better than new. The company had two Lock & Key Navajos on display at Sun ‘n Fun 2024, and Aviation Consumer Editor-in-Chief Larry Anglisano spent some time with Jones looking them over.

Larry Anglisano
Larry Anglisano is a regular AVweb contributor and the Editor in Chief of sister publication Aviation Consumer magazine. He's an active land, sea and glider pilot, and has over 30 years experience as an avionics tech.


  1. The Navajo in all its iterations is and has been a great machine. Cabin size, handling qualitites, lifting capacity, straightforward systems, and range make the stock versions excellent cabin-class cross-country machines. The Jones “Lock and Key” versions make that excellent airframe even better all the way around. Up close, the Lock and Key ships are a sight to behold and a pleasure to fly.