172 Gets Glass


You could call it glass for the masses. Joining multiple modern manufacturers producing glass-paneled aircraft in similar price ranges, Cessna has won FAA certification of the Garmin G1000 in the 172S. Cessna previously had the glass panel certified on 206 and 182 models. It will be offered as an option on the 172S and Cessna says deliveries are “imminent.” As on the other Cessna singles, the 172S’s G1000 panel will consist of two 10.4-inch high-definition LCD displays that will show all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, weather and sensor data. There’s also an economy version of the system in the works for the 172. The 172R Skyhawk GA option won’t have the weather option or autopilot. It’s aimed at the training market and for those who don’t need the more elaborate system for the flying they do. Cessna isn’t the first to put glass cockpits in their entry-level products. Diamonds are flying with the G1000, and Piper announced at last year’s AirVenture that Avidyne Entegra systems would be offered as options its Warrior, Archer and Arrow models.