AD Watch


Well, the FAA staff in charge of ADs must have had a particularly productive week. No less than four final rules and one proposed rule made it from their OUT baskets this week…

APEX Aircraft CAP 10B owners must install inspection plates in the wings so they can keep an eye out for cracks in the upper and lower spars. CAP 10B owners must also refrain from entering flick maneuvers at any faster than 97 knots and make sure the aircraft is placarded as such.

Certain serial numbers of NARCO AT150 transponders need work because they don’t always respond to Mode S ground stations and airborne collision avoidance equipment. Apparently the addition of a resistor and a transistor will get them working properly. Comments must be received by April 21 for this proposed AD.

Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter owners must check for roughness or binding in the tail rotor pitch control bearings of their craft. Suspect bearing must be replaced to prevent possible loss of directional control.

Owners of Socata Models TB 9, TB 10, TB 20 TB 21 and TB 200 airplanes must regularly inspect the aileron control gimbal joint for correct alignment and operation.