AD Watch


Certain Hartzell propellers on some Socata aircraft must have their de-icing boots removed and replaced and the prop inspected and reworked to prevent corrosion.

A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking would supercede an AD on 175,000 Lycoming direct-drive engines on action taken after a prop strike. Instead of just applying to aircraft with significant prop damage, it will apply to any engine that’s suffered a sudden drop in RPM by contacting water, tall grass or any other medium that might not damage the prop. The crankshaft gear assembly has to be inspected following such an incident.

An AD has been enacted to require replacement of all part number 892-51-0-035-0 engine mount assemblies on certain Socata aircraft. The mounts can crack. It supercedes a previous AD on mount cracking that exempted that particular engine mount.