From The FAA


GA pilots in the Los Angeles area are getting plenty of advanced notice of an FAA Christmas present to them. For whatever reason, the FAA has chosen Dec. 25, 2003, to implement the realignment of a VFR corridor through the busy LAX area. The new alignment changes the northern boundary of the Los Angeles Special Flight Rules Area and it also clarifies the text of the flight regulations within the SFAR to ensure aircraft maintain the correct fixed altitude while using the route.

Owners of certain Lycoming engines will have to replace the rotary fuel pumps on them sooner rather than later. An earlier AD requiring torque check inspections of the pump relief valve attaching screws on certain Cran/Lear Romec “AN” rotary fuel pumps has been superseded by a new AD that requires the inspection plus the replacement of the pump with one of an improved design. The older style could leak.