Short Final: Weather Ahead


A while ago I had the following exchange with Kansas City Center as I first checked in.

Me: “Kansas City Center, Conquest 425 Delta Delta, at 5000 feet, looking at the weather ahead.”

Center: “425 Delta Delta climb and maintain 15,000. Salina altimeter 29.90.”

Me: “15,000, 29.90. Request current heading for 15 miles for weather. 425 Delta Delta.”

Center: “425 Delta Delta, roger, I’m showing weather from present position to just short of your destination.”

Long pause.

Center: “425 Delta Delta, so your plan is to fly up there through all that weather?”

Me: (wondering what Center was looking at that I’m not seeing) “Affirmative. 425 Delta Delta.”

Center: (in a hearty, good luck wishing tone) “Oookayyyy!”

I had a smooth ride all the way home. Go figure.

Steve Meissner

Hospers, IA

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