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Short Final: ATC Diplomacy

Air Traffic Controllers can be very diplomatic in nudging us toward use of proper phraseology. I overheard this recently transiting NorCal airspace:

Short Final: Shortcuts

I recently heard this exchange between ATC and a Southwest flight. SWA: “Any shortcuts today would be appreciated.”

Short Final: Stop Where You Are

This past June we were returning from Canada to Colorado in mid‑afternoon IFR in our PA 32. The typical afternoon thunderstorms were...

Short Final: Port Tank

I am both a pilot and a sailor. Not so long ago at an FBO, when signing in, they asked for instructions....

Short Final: Souls On Board

Thankfully, I have never had to respond to those foreboding words from ATC: “… say souls on board.” However, I do remember...

Short Final: The Day The Earth Stood Still

We need to be looking at Pennsylvania's Quakertown Airport (KUKT), not Area 51 (KXTA), for extraterrestrials. For end‑of‑the‑world and save‑the‑world science‑fiction buffs,...

Short Final: Medical Transport

I was heading to Palm Springs from San Diego on an IFR flight plan. I heard another pilot call in for an IFR...

Short Final: Just Married

My son and daughter‑in‑law had just married. I set in motion a plan to surprise them during their flight back home.

Short Final: Three’s A Crowd

We were returning from a trip to Milwaukee Timmerman after visiting the EAA AirVenture and were on VFR flight following from Chicago...

Short Final: Michelin Man

In upstate South Carolina, Michelin has a number of plants that manufacture tires and one recently completed a 40‑year anniversary. Maybe the...

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