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Short Final: For The Birds

I was a new controller and just assigned to my first duty station, Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona. I had a pretty...

Short Final: Be Right Back

Every IFR pilot knows the joys and sorrows of routing. Flying home from Massachusetts one afternoon, I heard the following exchange:

Short Final: Hostile Target

I was ferrying my new-to-me warbird home to Texas and bubbling over with new plane pride. Memphis Center: “Focke-Wulf...

Short Final: Runway Obstructions

In Alaska, runway obstructions can be different. And large. Yes, there are the usual bears and moose. But sometimes it’s really big:...

Short Final: Slow For Spacing

One day on my way to Nashville, I overheard the following: American 1234: “Good morning Atlanta Center. American 1234 checking...

Short Final: Wind Shear

On final to Boeing Field 14R on a blustery Pacific Northwest fall day a Gulfstream reported wind shear upon landing.

Short Final: To The Moon

Check out the PIREP in the image above. Ken Fullett Naperville, IL

Short Final: ATC Diplomacy

Air Traffic Controllers can be very diplomatic in nudging us toward use of proper phraseology. I overheard this recently transiting NorCal airspace:

Short Final: Shortcuts

I recently heard this exchange between ATC and a Southwest flight. SWA: “Any shortcuts today would be appreciated.”

Short Final: Stop Where You Are

This past June we were returning from Canada to Colorado in mid‑afternoon IFR in our PA 32. The typical afternoon thunderstorms were...

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When Navy aircraft return to trap aboard a carrier in good weather, it's called a Case I operation. It's normally done entirely visually and "ziplip." No radio comms. In this video on the Wingnut172N channel, you can see the enter sequence from the break over the ship to the final arrestment.

Flying Freight In The Corona Crisis

Coronavirus lockdowns have impacted aviation in unimaginable ways, including freight carriers. They're busy, but this is not normal.