Upheaval At NBAA


President Shelley Longmuir Leaves…

Big changes have taken place at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and the folks in charge now are trying to reassure the membership that all’s well. In the wake of President Shelley Longmuir’s sudden departure last week, Donald Baldwin, chairman of the board, is serving as interim president until a new president is hired. Baldwin wrote in a letter to members on Monday, “Perhaps understandably, the staff is concerned that the membership is concerned — both with how NBAA is weathering abrupt change, as well as for NBAA’s future.” But Baldwin is upbeat, concluding that the “NBAA’s best days are yet to come.” Before joining the NBAA last June, Longmuir had more than a decade of experience in domestic and international aviation, most recently at United Air Lines, where she was senior vice president of international/regulatory and governmental affairs. Longmuir also had held positions with the U.S. departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Justice. “Under Shelley’s leadership, NBAA has been a dynamic force advocating for the business aviation community in Washington,” Baldwin said Monday. “We appreciate her service to the organization and wish her the best in her future endeavors. Shelley’s contributions will be missed, but we must remain as focused as ever on the increasingly complex business aviation issues faced by our members. I’m confident that the team we have in place will continue to serve our organization at the highest levels.” When the NBAA hired Longmuir last May, Baldwin was chairman of the selection committee. “Shelley brings tremendous talents to NBAA and was selected from among nearly 100 highly qualified candidates,” he said at the time. “Her ability to work effectively with people across the political and professional spectrum, her proven track record of leading effective coalitions, and her natural optimism, make her the right person at the right time for NBAA.”