MAX Grounding Boosts Wet-Lease Demand

With some 370 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft grounded, the minor dent to airline capacity has caused airlines to scour the wet-lease market for replacement seats. According to a Wall Street Journal report,...

That’s All, Palimpsest

The D-Day invasion had millions of moving parts, many of them human. In today's blog, Paul Berge recalls what his Dad did during the war.

Report: Stratolaunch To Cease Operations

Reuters is reporting that Stratolaunch Systems, the rocket launch company founded by the late Paul Allen, will be closed after unsuccessful efforts to sell it.

Podcast: A New Take on the 172

Premier Aircraft Sales is now offering a fully refurbished pre-G1000 Cessna 172 with a new Garmin panel and Continental/Thielert Centurion diesel engine for less than the cost of a new avgas-powered Skyhawk. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Premier's VP of Operations Art Spengler about the instant market acceptance of the new product.

AVweb Promotional Video: Michelin on Proper Inflation

Although most people think multiple landings are what wears aircraft tires the most, the reality is that they take a bit of beating during taxi, too. And if tires are underinflated, they'll tend to heat up more, causing accelerated wear and premature replacement of an expensive tire. In this brief video, Michelin Tire explains the importance of proper inflation.

Brainteasers Quiz #180: Regulation Oscura

BrainteasersBefore flight, every pilot must plow through a spaghetti bog of regulations designed to enhance safety by potentially scaring the flyer to stay on the ground. But you won't scare easily once you ace this quiz.

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Brainteasers Quiz #174: Single vs. Twin

BrainteasersWithin the privacy of our own hangars, many pilots envision ourselves with a fistful of throttles and a cheap cigar clamped in a DC-3 captain's grimace. Take your multi-engine fantasies to new heights by overpowering this quiz.

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Brainteasers Quiz #173: Call Me a Taxi

BrainteasersInside a big sky, little mistakes are easily masked before ATC calls a foul. But on the ground, the margin for error shrinks, and one slip across a hold-short line could ruin your day. Save that day by acing this quiz.

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Brainteasers Quiz #172: Go/No-Go

BrainteasersWeather, Class D, Class E - sheesh, someone's trying to take the fun out of summertime flight. Knowing the airspace and weather-minimum rules might not make flight fun, but it will help you ace this quiz. (Contains results of the survey for the best plane and destination for a fantasy vacation!)

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Brainteasers Quiz #171: Take a Flying Vacation

BrainteasersWhere would you go on a perfect flying vacation, and how would you get there?

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AVweb Insider

Two Tragic Accidents And We’re Arguing About Sim Time?

You'd think Boeing would try belt and suspenders this time. But for the revised MAX, it wants to again try what already didn't work.

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How Daher Builds the TBM Turboprop

Daher's factory in Tarbes, France, is one of the most modern aerospace facilities in the world. In this long-form video, AVweb explains...