RC models keep getting bigger and more complex and this certainly ticks those boxes.


  1. I’m sure it cost more than many “full size” aircraft.
    Surely he’s figuring out a way to create a nice loud “boom-boom” during high speed passes, that would be awesome.

  2. Many times model pilots that have spectacular models are invited at model airplane shows or a fair where model airplane stuff is being sold, so most of the times it is modellers who are attending. Those guys (yep, not many gals there….) like to see a bit of “model” flying, not “lame” airline style flying with 30 degrees max bank. As long as it is within the limits of the model, I am happy.
    In Germany many GA clubs/small airfields are happy to play host to these activities, brings good money, not alone for the field but the nearby cities have their rooms overbooked.
    All other air traffic is NOTAMMED to stay away and no low overflights for those 2-3 days.
    Cost of such a model, even not counting the building time, well north of 50K I would guess.
    GA and model flying are both my hobbies, on the latter I spend a lot more than (renting) GA planes….

  3. Looks like the Concorde my cat used to fly back in the day.

    I love RC. I enjoy watching the guys at the airport and watching on You Tube.

  4. The engines alone cost more than 25K. This guy probably has anywhere from 75-100K into this model. More if you include labor.

  5. Super model of Concorde, but less impressive than the Boeing 2707 which I saw at Renton WA when accepting the first B737-236 for British Airways. Full scale model of the future supersonic airliner to out rival Concorde, only problem it was made of wood. Fortunately Joe Sutter and his team were working in a sideshow designing a biggish freighter, the 747, somehow it sold reasonably well. Concorde and the 2707 didn’t. Mac, ex 747-100,200,400, & 400F