Continuing our series of Virtual Trade Shows, AVweb talks to Mike Altman at Precision Flight Controls whose fixed and motion-base simulators are well known in the aviation industry. The company is out with a new series of aircraft-specific sims and is working on VR-based simulation using goggles.


  1. Cool indeed. They use a different method of motion simulation than most other sims that are gimbal mounted. I imagine it makes the units lighter and requres less space. The ability to customize a sim to almost any avionics setup would be a nice advantage to flight schools that use a particular cockpit setup for their aircraft. The ability to plug and play the mechanical devices like throttle quadrants allows a quick transition from singles to twins or from Cessna to Piper controls.

    Keep the virtual trade show videos coming. Paul.

  2. I sensed a fair degree of smoke and mirrors from this presentation.
    Simulators need to be efficient and cost effective. It is pretty hard to evaluate a simulator without spending quite a bit of time using them in actual training situations.

    Simulators that are on the horizion are not helpful now. Everyone is ready for a low cost virtual simulator, but real functionality in this area does not seem to be quite there today.