ATP Rule Change Imminent


With an Aug. 1 deadline approaching when the requirements to qualify for an ATP certificate will change, AOPA this week posted some guidance, plus a 22-minute podcast, to help address pilots’ questions. AOPA’s guidance is available online to everyone, not just members of the association. Also, the FAA has posted information online about the new requirements, including a copy of the pertinent FAR changes (PDF) and a flow chart (PDF) that aims to help applicants find their way through the new rules. Recently, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University said it has revised its program to comply with the new requirements, with no added cost for students.

Pilots on other career tracks, however, may find the added training will add up to $15,000 in costs to qualify for an ATP. Taking and passing the FAA written exam before Aug. 1, however, may enable an applicant to qualify under the old rules for an additional two years (for more details, see Rick Durden’s detailedanalysis from earlier this year).