Aviation Apps for iPad


Although we’re sure it’s just the beginning, so far a cursory search of the Internet has turned up relatively few aviation apps for the new iPad. Apple’s tablet went on sale Saturday and ForeFlight had its Mobile 3 HD setup ready to go for the launch. Since the app is compatible with iPhone, anyone already registered with their iPhone gets a free download for one iPad. ForeFlight says it’s reworked the screens to take advantage of the high resolution available on Apple’s latest big thing and includes all the usual features from airport diagrams to weather and charts. NavMonster is also launching its navigation package for iPad but the new wonder screen isn’t just for the serious business of flight planning, much to the relief of gamers and sim addicts.

X-Plane has an app ready to go and downloadable from iTunes for $9.99. There are already a few reviews on the download page and all are favorable. There were lineups at most outlets selling the iPad Saturday and thousands went out the door.