Bombardier Goes Green


The whole notion of carbon offsets is scoffed at in some circles, but when companies like Bombardier start embracing the concept, maybe there’s something to it. The Canadian aerospace giant is joining a growing list of aircraft companies in offering a program by which operators can theoretically neutralize the impact of their flying activities by investing in technologies and programs that create clean energy or suck up carbon. Bombardier has hooked up with U.K.-based Climate Care and will be offering carbon offset programs with the purchase of its business aircraft. And it’s putting its money where its mouth is.

Bombardier says it will pay about $250,000 in carbon offsets for the operation of its fleet of demonstration and parts delivery aircraft. “Bombardier Business Aircraft wants to address the impact of our products on the environment and carbon offsetting allows us to take immediate, positive action,” said Pierre Gabriel Cote, president of Bombardier Business Aircraft. Climate Care says the money will go into green technologies that will remove an equivalent amount of carbon produced by the jets from the ecosystem. “It is great that Bombardier is pricing the impact of carbon into their business jets, and the funds will allow us to continue to make sizeable investments in developing low-carbon technologies around the world,” said Mike Mason, chairman of Climate Care.