China To Subsidize GA


Transportation authorities in China have pitched general aviation in that country as “the next driving force after the car industry” and the Chinese government will be providing targeted funding to jumpstart GA there. Ma Xin, deputy director of the National Air Traffic Management Committee Office in China, delivered the quote at the Zhuhai Air Show last month. And the Civil Aviation Administration and Ministry of Finance has now reportedly announced temporary measures to regulate the specific fund for China’s general aviation development. According to, the “long-awaited subsidy measure” will be applied to support general aviation operations, pilot training and infrastructure development.

According to Ma Xin, general aviation is recognized for its importance as an economic growth engine. It creates “a long industrial chain that can drive the development of various sectors from raw materials in the upstream,” said Xin, and has “a much bigger role to play in China’s economy.” Changes to management of low-altitude airspace are currently being tested in designated areas and are expected to spread through the rest of the country as aviation reforms move ahead. China’s cabinet listed general aviation as a strategic industry back in 2010, when it was included in a five-year development plan intended to cover the years 2011-2015. In July, China’s State Council estimated that general aviation would increase by roughly 19 percent each year through 2020. The allotment of subsidized funding adds to the country’s stated commitment to development of the sector.