DC-3 Mass Arrival Set


A total of 35 DC-3s and C-47s have been registered for the mass formation arrival at AirVenture Oshkosh to mark the 75th anniversary of the design. The goal is to have a formation of at least 25 aircraft fly over Wittman Regional Airport on the opening day of the show but organizers allowed an extra 10 registrations to allow for the inevitable scrubs. The 35 aircraft that are registered all have the ability and intent to be there and all that are airworthy on that day will be allowed to participate, meaning the formation could be significantly larger than 25 aircraft. Although no more registrations are being accepted for the formation flight, any and all DC-3s and C-47s are invited to the show itself and should contact EAA for arrival and parking information.

The event begins with rendezvous weekend at Rock Falls Airport in Illinois. Aircraft will be on display Saturday and Sunday and there will be a banquet Sunday night. Engine start is 2:30 on July 26 for the flight. There won’t be any practice flights and the formation will be built and stabilized during the hour-long flight due north to Oshkosh.