Gobosh Aviation Sold


Gobosh Aviation has been sold to Aerospace Capital Partners LLC, which operates a flight school in Denver using three Gobosh aircraft. The announcement came during the annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Fla. Gobosh was formed by Tim Baldwin and Dave Graham four years ago and imported the Gobosh 700, a Polish design aimed at the training market, and the Gobosh 800, a Czech product described as a luxury LSA aircraft. The new owner, headed by Chris Dillis, is taking aim at the training market, which he says is now underserved by LSAs.

In a news release, Dillis said the sport pilot sector is growing and flight schools need to join the sector or risk being at a competitive disadvantage. “In order to remain viable,” said Dillis, “flight schools will need a quality light sport aircraft that will appeal to students and instructors alike.” The ownership change will be finished by the end of February.