High-Flying Catch?

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If it’s a fake, it’s a pretty good one and if it isn’t a fake it’s likely the FAA will be paying a visit to New York Giants star receiver Victor Cruz to find out who his aerial quarterback was for a video sure to go viral. In the 21-second clip, Cruz is shown catching a football that may originate from a Cessna flying overhead. The drop (called by one sports wag the best pass made by a Jet this year) appears to be dead on target from an aircraft that looks like it’s at least the legal minimum altitude of 1,000 feet AGL. Cruz makes the two-handed catch easily and it’s where he made the grab that might interest the FAA.

The catch is made outside a building that looks like a football stadium and if it’s the Giants’ home turf of MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., there can’t be any argument that it occurred in a built-up area. The relevant reg prohibits dropping anything from an airplane “that creates a hazard to persons or property” but it also says a pilot can allow objects to be dropped “if reasonable precautions are taken to avoid injury or damage to persons or property.” Now Cruz, who’s averaging six receptions a game (although he has been slumping of late) is a pretty good bet to catch the ball. But nothing is known about the his high-flying counterpart’s completion record, whether it would amount to the “reasonable precaution” the FAA is looking for, or if he was just spectacularly lucky on this play.