iCub LSA Embraces iPad


Sportair USA has announced itself as the U.S. importer and distributor of a new LSA, the iCub, which it touts as a “classic taildragger” that starts under $100,000 and includes a “panel mounted iPad aviation information center.” The iPad comes loaded with software that includes the WingXpro7 GPS-enabled terrain-aware moving map, ForeFlight Mobile HD and ForeFlight Charts, and the iHUD (EFIS) and MotionX GPS HD. Sportair says the iCub is also equipped with “backup analog” instrumentation. The aircraft itself is manufactured by Zlin Aviation, now operating from the Czech Republic. It turns a 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS sipping from a full 18 gallons of fuel (24 with optional larger tanks) and requires 280 feet to become airborne and 265 feet to stop. Sportair says the iCub has a 565-pound useful load and offers a Bush iCub version for rougher field work.

Sportair’s pricing lists the iCub at $92,000 “fully equipped and ready to fly.” The Bush iCub is fitted with reinforced taller gear and larger tundra tires that allow improved access to less hospitable terrain at the cost of an additional $7,000. Sportair says it will debut the aircraft at AirVenture Oshkosh later this summer. For more information regarding this “classic” aircraft’s included software, click here.

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