LSA Made In China


A project titled “the development and industrialization of light aircraft” in China has successfully developed and flown a two-seat light aircraft based on independent research and self-owned intellectual property. The Hunan Sunward Science and Technology Co Ltd. built the aircraft, which is built of composite parts pulled from molds and tooling that allows the company to build all components in-house. General aviation in China is in its budding stages and the production of high-performance manned light aircraft is a step ahead of the industry’s current state. The two-seat “LSA” is part of a larger $60 million program that will include 15 UAVs, 70 flying boats and 15 of the newly flight-tested two-seat light aircraft.

Hunan Sunward hopes through development of these aircraft to “completely master the key technologies of design and construction” of light aircraft, and create a blueprint for the design and manufacture of light aircraft subsystems.