Moller Has A New Idea


The man whos been promising to give the world a flying car for the past 25 years is apparently setting his sights a little lower. Paul Moller, the Canadian-born creator of the Skycar, which Moller says will be certified by the end of 2008, is now offering a ground-effect vehicle called the M200G volantor. In a news release, Moller International says the volantor is a “Jetsons-like” saucer-shaped vehicle about the size of a small car thats designed to fly about 10 feet above the ground at about 40 knots. Moller says the volantor is “the ultimate off-road vehicle” and can cover rocky ground, swamps and water with ease. “It’s not a hovercraft but its operation is just as easy,” Moller claims. While the Skycar has rotary engines mounted on swiveling pods that will purportedly allow vertical takeoff and landing and a top speed of 325 knots at 20,000 feet, the volantor has eight engines arrayed in the circular hull that push the vehicle into the air. Moller says the engines will be computer controlled for ease of operation, and the first six are already under construction.