NBAA Works On TFRs


Olcott Meets With TSA’s Loy


GA is still banned from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and that has the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) working hard to reverse that policy. NBAA President Jack Olcott recently met with Admiral James Loy, acting head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to discuss security issues. "I am confident, following our face-to-face discussion, that Admiral Loy recognizes NBAA as a valuable resource for the Transportation Security Administration as the agency endeavors to satisfy its critical responsibilities," said Olcott. "Although no significant progress concerning access to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is anticipated at this time, we do look forward to a productive working relationship with TSA concerning utilization of the Transportation Security Administration Access Protocol (TSAAP) proposal to provide access equivalent to that of the airlines aside from the unique situation of KDCA," concluded Olcott.

TSA: No Firm Plans To Permit GA Ops. To D.C. Heliport

It had been widely reported that the TSA would permit the gradual increase in operations for corporate helicopters in and out of South Street Heliport in Washington, D.C., by granting waivers to qualified corporate operators. However, in the recent discussions with TSA officials, NBAA has learned that the TSA has no such plans to issue waivers for South Street Heliport. The only operations permitted at South Street Heliport now — and in the foreseeable future — are government operations. TSA officials say they have no plans to increase access for corporate helicopters in and out of the heliport.