Phenom 300 Certified


Embraer says U.S. deliveries of its Phenom 300 “light executive jet” should begin by the end of the year, following FAA type certification on Monday. The FAA nod came 10 days after Brazilian authorities signed off on the six-passenger aircraft. The 300 is Embraer’s second entry into the low end of the bizjet market and it’s been delivering the small Phenom 100 since early 2009. The 300 is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535-E engines and meets Stage IV noise limits, while burning about 6 percent less fuel than design specs’ prediction. In fact, the actual performance of the aircraft during testing prompted substantial rewrites of the specs.

Embraer says the MTOW takeoff distance has dropped from 3,700 feet to 3,138 feet and maximum landing weight landing distance is now 2,621 feet, from 2,950 feet. The improvements translate to improved high and hot performance, including the ability to do an all-up takeoff from Aspen.