SJ30 Making A Comeback


The surprise appearance of one of two production Sino Swearingen SJ30 aircraft at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition last month prompted plenty of speculation on the future of the speedy bizjet, and the plans to resume production were confirmed earlier this week. Sino Swearingen announced on Monday that it now has a deal with Dubai-based Emirates Investment and Development PSC to buy 80 percent of the company and get the plane back in production.

The SJ30 development program lasted almost a decade and was funded by the Taiwanese government to the tune of $700 million. Political changes in Taiwan prompted the country to stop the money flow, just as the San Antonio-based company was gearing up for production. Taiwan retains the remaining 20-percent share. The company says it has about 300 orders for the aircraft, which cruises as high as 49,000 feet at 486 knots and will maintain sea-level cabin pressure at 41,000 feet.