Troll Dolls In The FRZ

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Potomac Airport owner and operator David Wartofsky’s latest YouTube video may educate pilots about the Washington, D.C., area’s Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ), though some viewers may find the video’s use of troll dolls a bit unorthodox. Following the September 11, 2001, attacks,Wartofsky’s airport, along with Hyde Field and College Park Airport, attracted special attention from the DOT and TSA for their proximity to potential terrorist targets in the nation’s capitol. The result was the FRZ. It imposes additional procedures and restrictions for pilots operating in the area, or to and from its airports. Wartofsky would like the rules revisited. Until then, he says his video is designed to “have a little fun, explain things to pilots … and push policies to the next much simpler logical step.” In his thinking, that step would “acknowledge the presence of surface-to-air missiles and stand down the rest.”As for the video, Wartofsky says itscontent is”technically correct on all fronts.”Themethod of presentation may be open to interpretation.