Welcome To 2004!


New Year Shaping Up To Be A Lot Like The Last One…

If you liked 2003, you’ll probably like 2004, say business and charter aviation industry observers. Many of the issues, trends and challenges visited upon the industry in 2003 remain either under continued development or mired in mediocrity as the calendar flipped over a new page. To be sure, the industry’s overall outlook is a positive one — barring any unforeseen blip in the rebounding overall economy, private aviation should follow along on improving economic coattails. As in the past, such a recovery will follow somewhat more slowly than for other sectors, observers believe. Still, other challenges remain, many of them with their roots in perennial areas like bureaucracy, politics, technology or security, independent of the economy. While many throughout the industry are hard at work addressing these challenges, no observers harbor any real beliefs they will be resolved in the coming year. And none of this anticipated good fortune is expected to “unscrew” the “screwing” being given to air tour operators at the lighter end of the business and charter aviation industry by the FAA.