Cirrus Offers Non-Pilot Ownership


Cirrus is promoting aircraft ownership to non-pilots through “Cirrus On Demand,” which offers two programs of service as an option for purchasers of new Cirrus aircraft. Both programs come at additional cost to the buyer and in either case, includes a pilot “trained to the company’s corporate flight standards.” The program can operate like a turnkey corporate flight department or provide travel service and flight instruction to clients. According to Cirrus’ Todd Simmons, the program provides “virtually unlimited access” to a purchased aircraft and a pilot, “like a corporate jet.”

Simmons said the two levels are available at an annual cost with purchase of an aircraft. A comprehensive program that includes aircraft maintenance, insurance, management and training is available for $109,900 per year, on top of the purchase price of the aircraft. The other option provides a pilot who can do the initial and recurrent training and also fly trips for $79,900, annually, also with the purchase of an aircraft. According to Simmons, “the pilot is like the owner’s employee.” And, not unlike a corporate jet, “We go when you’re ready.” See Cirrus On Demand for more.