Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) acquires A319 from Bellinger Aviation for disassembly


Complementing the airframes currently being dismantled, AELS has announced that it has acquired an A319 (MSN 1086) from Bellinger Aviation. The aircraft, formerly operated by Brussels Airlines, was flown to AELS’ home-base at Twente Airport, the Netherlands last week and dismantling has meanwhile begun. USM components will become available from September onwards.

About AELS

Since 2006 AELS has been buying end-of-life Boeing and Airbus aircraft that the company disassembles at their own facility. AELS is the only company in Europe that handles the entire supply chain for aircraft that reach end-of-life, from disassembly and dismantling, component management to material recycling.

The company is fully AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association ) accredited for dismantling and recycling of aircraft and holds an ASA-100 accreditation for component management. AELS’ core values are ‘Being the Best’, ‘Outside the box’, ‘Sustainable’, ‘Smile’ and ‘Speed’.

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