Desert Jet Partners with TITAN Aviation Fuels to Offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at its Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (KTRM) FBO


Palm Springs, California, April 1, 2024 – Desert Jet, the leading full-service business aviation company in Greater Palm Springs, California, announces its latest sustainability initiative. The company has partnered with TITAN Aviation Fuels to establish the supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at its flagship FBO, Desert Jet Center at KTRM, including using SAF for its charter aircraft fleet.

The partnership is part of Desert Jet’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. With the addition of SAF at its FBO, Desert Jet is providing its clients with a more sustainable option for their air travel needs while contributing to the aviation industry’s greener future.

The SAF, supplied by TITAN Aviation Fuels and produced by World Energy, is a low-carbon and eco-friendly alternative to traditional Jet-A fuel. It is made from agricultural waste and residues converted into a renewable fuel source that can significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to fossil-based jet fuel. The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials certifies that the fuel meets the same safety and performance standards as conventional Jet-A fuel and can be used in existing aircraft without requiring any modifications.

Mike Allen, EVP of Titan Aviation Fuels, said, “We at Titan Fuels look forward to working with Desert Jet to support their SAF initiative by providing a source for their current and future sustainable fuel needs.”

Jared Fox, CEO of Desert Jet, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are delighted to provide an option for aircraft management clients and FBO customers who desire to use a renewable alternative fuel source for their aircraft through our Desert Jet Center FBO. Offering SAF to our clients is a significant milestone for us as we continue to lead the way in sustainable aviation practices.”

Desert Jet’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond adding SAF at its FBO and charter flights. Its partnership and sustainability strategy plays a vital role in promoting greater awareness and adoption of SAF in the aviation industry. By doing so, it is helping the industry achieve its ambitious net zero by 2050 goal.

About Desert Jet
Desert Jet is a group of aircraft management, charter, maintenance, and FBO companies based in Palm Springs/Thermal, California (KTRM). Desert Jet is a full-service aviation company providing jet owners with turn-key management for their aircraft.

Desert Jet’s on-demand charter offers private flyers a smarter alternative to fractional aircraft ownership and expensive membership programs. Desert Jet is committed to safety and security and is ARGUS Platinum rated, WYVERN Wingman PRO certified, and IS-BAO Stage 3 registered.

Desert Jet Maintenance is an FAA-certified Part 145 Repair Station offering scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance and repair services to a wide variety of aircraft.

Desert Jet Center is a world-class independent FBO serving the needs of the business and the general aviation community at the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (KTRM). Its spectacular 32,500-square-foot executive facility features a state-of-the-art, modern terminal and hangar. Desert Jet Center is NATA Safety 1st certified and a designated NATA Safety 1st Clean location.

For more information about our services, please visit or call (800) 381-JETS.

About TITAN Aviation Fuels
TITAN is a leading global supplier of aviation fuel with over 600 branded locations in the United States and is an industry leader in the field of Sustainable Aviation Fuel. TITAN continues to be committed to making SAF more widely available and affordable while supporting broader sustainability initiatives within the aviation industry, including carbon off-set credits and development of cleaner burning fuels In addition to providing a secure supply of aviation fuels, TITAN provides a full array of non-fuel support services including a pilot loyalty program, aviation card processing, aviation insurance, quality control Training, ATLAS FBO Management Software, equipment leasing and financing, an online aviation parts store, and a customer focused mobile application.

TITAN purchases SAF from World Energy with production facilities located in Paramount, CA. World Energy is a domestic SAF producer and plans to expand its production capabilities to 250 million gallons by 2025. World Energy feed stocks currently are sourced from waste oils and fats.

To learn more about TITAN Aviation Fuels and the services offered, please visit


  1. Yawn—more “virtue signaling” in this press release. I don’t see a lot of jet operators demanding that their fuel suppliers offer “SAF”.

    The corporate aviation fuel market is so small that most airports and FBOs can’t afford to put in segregated fuel tanks and trucks for this small market. Remember “80/87” aviation fuel? “91/96”? Both went away because the market was too small to afford the infrastructure and handling expenses. We sell “no alcohol” aviation auto fuel–it constitutes less than 10% of our fuel sales–even though it is PROVEN, LEGAL, and SAVES MONEY.

    Just because a product CAN be made doesn’t mean that it SHOULD be used.