PlaneEnglish Aviation Communication App Launches Companion Manual


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.—PlaneEnglish, a popular app-based aviation radio simulator that helps pilots become more proficient in communication, now has a co-pilot: a new companion manual that provides even more in-depth content so pilots can master the mic even faster.

“The Easy Route to Aviation Radio Proficiency: Training Manual with Activities Using PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator” provides a detailed breakdown of aviation radio communications for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and can be used as a guide so users can get the most out of the app. The manual offers greater detail, helpful illustrations, a glossary of phrases and aviation terms, standard radio procedures, and examples of common communication exchanges between pilots and Air Traffic Control.

PlaneEnglish Co-Founder Muharrem Mane said the manual can be used in conjunction with the app but is also valuable as a stand-alone teaching tool. He said it’s especially well-suited for flight schools and estimates it can save two to three hours of flight training time.

“Aviation communication is one of the biggest sources of anxiety for pilots, especially those who train at smaller airports,” Mane said. “What our PlaneEnglish simulator has demonstrated is that learning effective radio communication is easy and actually fun if you break the process up into small steps and provide scenarios for practicing. Coupled with our new manual, PlaneEnglish not only builds up pilots’ confidence in radio communication, it helps keep our aviation community safe.”

The 84-page manual is available for $19.95 through the PlaneEnglish Website:

Launched in 2018 by pilots for pilots, the PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator makes use of innovative speech analysis technology to give pilots realistic training and instantaneous feedback on phraseology, speech patterns, and radio proficiency when communicating with Air Traffic Control and other aviation services. With a large database of actual airports and thousands of scenarios, pilots are able to practice many of the in-flight radio calls they are likely to encounter when flying.

Informed and guided by the Federal Aviation Administration and International Civil Aviation Organization English standards, phraseology, and radiotelephony procedures, PlaneEnglish offers both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) scenarios. Learn more at

The PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator is available for iOS and Android on the AppStore and Google Play Store. The app offers a seven-day free trial as well as customization options and licenses for flight schools and other institutions interested in using the app in group settings.