PHOENIX, AZ – As COVID-19 remains a concern both locally and in many states throughout the US, Swift Aviation is committed to ensuring a safe travel experience for those who choose to fly through their FBO.

In addition to on-site, rapid result COVID-19 testing, the company has implemented mandatory touchless temperature readings for all employees via Tauri + ReAX Temperature Check Tablets (www.auroramultimedia.com). The system uses an advanced algorithm to detect and calculate heat signatures, and facial recognition technology to accurately record and assign temperatures for each employee.

A Tauri + ReAX kiosk has been placed in Swift’s customer entryway, allowing crew and passengers the opportunity to check their temperatures. Masks are required prior to use and are mandatory inside Phoenix airport properties, including Swift Aviation.

Additionally, Swift Aviation continues to follow all current CDC guidelines and policies set by local authority:

  • Mandatory face coverings for all employees and visitors
  • Expanded disinfection procedures throughout our facility and transport vehicles using EPA/FDA approved COVID disinfectants
  • Extensive cleaning and disinfecting of common areas and restrooms
  • Continuous and proper hand washing by all team members
  • Suspension of our bistro supplies and food items like popcorn and candy bowls
  • Temperature and symptom checks required for employees and available to customers
  • Staff members instructed to stay home if they are, in any way, feeling unwell and to follow guidelines on social distancing

For more information, please visit Swift Aviation’s website at swiftaviation.com or contact Yuri Wilcox, Director of Marketing and Public Relations (602) 273-3770