Electric Flight Update From Sun ‘n Fun


Randall Fishman, who’s been flying electric-powered aircraft for a few years now, brought his Electraflyer-C to Sun ‘n Fun this year for daily showcase flights. He also brought along the slick two-place Electraflyer-X he’s been working on, and kept it on display all week in the Lindbergh Foundation tent. He said the X model will fly for the first time in May or June this year and he plans to offer a kit version of the airplane. Fishman also brought a sample of the new electric motor he’s been working on, which generates 20 hp continuous with a single rotor, which will be available for sale soon. He’s also working on 40- and 60-hp models with two or three rotors, all on a single shaft. The motor can power ultralights and motorgliders. Fishman also talked about other new projects he’s working on, and his assessment of the potential of electric flight, in an AVweb podcast available here.

Fishman’s exhibit was part of the GreenSpace area, an initiative that showcases products and services that are environmentally friendly. Besides Fishman’s aircraft, the area featured an electric car, a hybrid car, and several Lindbergh Foundation education and research projects. “Sun ‘n Fun is proud to partner with the Lindbergh Foundation, whose mission it is to further Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s shared vision of a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation,” said Sun ‘n Fun Chairman John Burton. “We hope to capture this vision in our GreenSpace exhibit and share it with Sun ‘n Fun participants and guests throughout the week of this year’s Fly-In & Expo.”