FAA Launches Incursion Campaign

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The FAA is starting an aggressive campaign aimed at curbing runway incursions in general but GA deviations in particular. At Sun ‘n Fun 2010, Wes Timmons, the FAA’s director of runway safety unveiled a new campaign called “If You’ve Crossed The Line, You’ve Crossed The Line.” As the name implies, the campaign is aimed at reminding pilots to pay attention to controllers’ instructions and only enter the protected runway space with permission. Timmons told AVweb that 75-80 percent of incursions are caused by GA aircraft and that needs to improve.

The campaign stresses that pilots have “crossed the line” when they cross, take off, land or at position and hold if they don’t have a clearance. They’re also jeopardizing themselves and their passengers if they don’t follow ground control instructions. The message is to “stay focused, follow instructions, taxi carefully.”