Kestrel Debuts At Sun ‘n Fun


A British company is hoping to take the best from its brief association with Epic Aircraft and deliver a certified single-engine turboprop that they claim has more range, speed and payload than other aircraft in its class. Farnborough Aircraft contracted with Epic to do the aerodynamic work on the Epic LT but the two companies parted ways in 2005. While Epic went on to develop the kit-built LT, Farnborough, after some legal entanglements were resolved, created the Kestrel, which is 27 percent larger than the LT and headed for the certified market. “We have no interest in the kit-built market,” CEO Adrian Norris said. He also said it’s possible that Liberty Aircraft will build the aircraft in Florida.

Norris said the Kestrel is build from the same type of carbon fiber as the Liberty XL two-place aircraft and the two companies have formed a good working relationship. The company is privately funded and is expected to announce more financing in the coming year with an eye to getting the certification process under way. There’s no set target for certification but Norris said it will take about three years after the financing is in place.