Maule To Offer Forward Vision On All Its Aircraft


At their press conference at Sun ‘n Fun on Thursday, the folks from Forward Vision passed around one of their compact EVS-100 units, fixed up with a battery pack and a small video screen. Pointed at the front of the press tent, the image clearly showed the podium and each of the speakers, looking much like an old black-and-white video picture. The enhanced-vision system, which uses a long-wave infrared sensor, now will be offered as a factory-installed option on the entire line of Maule aicraft. It is to be used in advisory capacity only. It can provide a nuanced picture of the terrain when night falls or visibility is less than perfect, and can sometimes help in spotting traffic as well. Cost for the option is $21,900.

The self-contained system is designed to be easily upgradeable, and it operates day or night.