Eight Feared Dead In Idaho Midair


Up to eight people are believed dead after two aircraft collided above Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho on Sunday afternoon. Two fatalities have been confirmed. Aircraft types and other details were not available at our deadline and neither has the number of people involved been confirmed. It is believed one of the aircraft originated from Lewiston, Montana, according to local media reports. Debris and oil were on the surface of the lake and multiple first responders were on the scene.

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  1. As this likely avoidable slaughter of innocents demonstrates, it is unprofessional, arrogant, disgusting and dangerous when influential individuals like your Contributing Editor Bertorelli deride aviation safety experts as “constipated” for emphasizing “see and avoid VFR and everywhere” as he did when one criticized the incontrovertible video evidence Paul and his copilot scarcely glanced outside while videoing a 9 minute Bristell NG5 LSA check out on a sunny Florida day:
    Like Trump deriding mask wearers and encouraging attacks on the press for dutifully reporting his lies and outrages, Bertorelli emboldened his adoring imbecile toadies to pile on insults. A public mea culpa and apology are long overdue for besmirching Avweb’s reputation.