Embraer Working On Electric Cropduster, Hybrid Military Transport


Embraer has partnered with the Brazilian arm of Portuguese energy company EDP to build a pure electric version of the EMB-2013 Ipanema aerial application aircraft. The first test flight is scheduled for early 2021. “Through EDP’s Smart division, the multinational of Portuguese origin announced a financial contribution for the acquisition of an energy storage and recharging technology solution for the aircraft, with 100 percent electric propulsion …,” the company statement said. EDP says it’s “leading a transition to a low-carbon economy,” and that the alliance with Embraer “represents a new form of our investment in electric mobility, helping to position Brazil as a leading player in this market.” Meanwhile, Embraer is also taking part in development of a hybrid-electric military transport for the Brazilian air force.

The STOUT (Short Take-Off Utility Transport) is intended to replace the air force’s EMB-110 Bandierante (C-95A) and EMB-120 Brasilia (C-97) and is designed for use in the Amazon. It will have two turboprop engines and two electric motors on its high wing and will have a range of 1300 nautical miles. It will need about 4,000 feet of runway and will hold up to 30 troops or 6,000 pounds of cargo.

Russ Niles
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  1. Electric cropduster? Weight is already a problem and you want to add batteries? Battery power is still a pipe dream – not a workhorse!

    • Don is 100% spot on. An electric cropduster on batteries is wildly and widely not practical. But Embraer gotta be using the Ipanema agplane as a test platform only. To learn how to handle the more real STOUT.

  2. Honestly I kind of laughed at this one. The farming industry uses oil for chemicals and plowing and pumps and harvesting and transportation. A lot of farmers don’t use aerial spraying. Kind of funny when they think a crop duster is key to reducing organic carbon.

  3. Okay, so. This title is VERY misleading. Embraer IS working on an all electric, and they are using their agriculture plane (EMB 202) but they are not intending the plane to be USED as a crop duster. The platform makes a lot of sense as a testbed because of the room up front where the hopper is.

    I’d recommend a title change.