GE Aerospace On The Hunt For Engineering Talent


GE Aerospace announced yesterday (May 21) it intends to hire more than 900 engineers this year. The Evandale, Ohio-based company plans to put them to work on supporting current aircraft engine programs and developing new technologies for future flight. “Hiring has already started,” according to GE.

Among the programs with openings for new engineers is the CFM International Revolution Innovation for Sustainable Engines (RISE) airliner engine project as well as advanced military engine programs. GE said in a statement that most of the openings are expected to be in the U.S., with some global positions also available. Engineering disciplines GE is seeking among applicants include mechanical and thermal design, analysis, systems, controls and aerodynamics.

Mohamed Ali, GE Aerospace VP of Engineering, said, “Today, we’re entering a new era of technology development focused on reducing emissions and new architectures, advanced materials, manufacturing processes, and supercomputing capabilities revolutionizing what is possible. Now, as a standalone public company with innovation at the core of what we do, we look forward to welcoming more engineers to help us invent the future of flight.”

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Mark Phelps is a senior editor at AVweb. He is an instrument rated private pilot and former owner of a Grumman American AA1B and a V-tail Bonanza.


  1. GE Aerospace’s primary focus is NOT in hiring the best engineers, it is DEI first, followed by engineering capabilities. We already know how that’s going to work out. All you have to do is check out their web site. It’s all front and center.

    • “GE Aerospace announced yesterday (May 21) it intends to hire more than 900 Indian engineers this year. ”

      There, I fixed it for ya.

    • OK guys, I just checked out GE Aerospace’s web site. The only humans displayed were three normal-looking white women and a white guy. One of the women may have been thirty; hard to tell. None of the homepage links took me to anything even remotely indicating that anything other than merit was their metric for hiring.

      Where, besides your cloacal regions, did either of you get any indication that GE Aero is not going to hire the best engineers they can get, that DEI is the cause of this alleged self-destructive practice, or that “900 Indian engineers” might not actually be the cream of the crop?

      I haven’t subscribed to AvWeb since its origin, to hear stupid, irrelevant, political commentary.

      • Aviatrexx, I worked for GE up until very recently. They have been laying off fantastic local engineers for years now and have been contracting out to India. Obviously all new business going forward will also be contracted out to save money. What makes you think that AvWeb simply parroting a story directly from GE is either brilliant or the unvarnished truth?

  2. Play by Play: Tom My, our Anti-DEI crusader, dismissive and biased, kicks off with his usual skepticism. Not to be outdone, Arthur J Foyt steps in with a sarcastic, xenophobic, and critical jab about hiring “900 Indian engineers.” Enter Aviatrexx, the hero to the rescue, bringing a confrontational, evidence-based, and critical analysis to shut down the nonsense. Finally, Arthur J Foyt returns for an encore with his cynical, distrustful, and experienced take, as if he’s the wise old man at the end of the bar.

    • Raf, it’s neither sarcastic nor xenophobic to say that consumer electronics and appliances come primarily from China. It’s neither sarcastic nor xenophobic to say than corporate IT and engineering has been farmed out to India. It’s called reality. Try it some time.