GE Aviation CEO To Retire


GE has announced that GE Aviation president and CEO David Joyce will be retiring after 40 years of service with the company. Joyce has held the positions of president and CEO of GE Aviation for twelve years along with serving as vice chair of GE. According to GE, the company’s aviation division doubled its revenue from $16.5 billion to $33 billion, grew its total backlog from $26 billion to more than $270 billion and industrialized “advanced technologies across both commercial and military applications” under Joyce’s leadership.

“Over his remarkable career, David’s leadership has established GE Aviation as the world’s foremost aircraft engine franchise,” said GE Chairman and CEO H. Lawrence Culp Jr. “An icon in the aerospace industry, David has been a driver of innovation, and the decisions made under his leadership will continue to manifest for decades.”

Joyce will be succeeded by John Slattery, who currently works as president and CEO of Commercial Aviation at Embraer. Slattery will take up the position of GE Aviation president- and CEO-elect on July 13 and is expected to fully assume his new role on Sept. 1. Joyce will continue as GE vice chair and advisor to GE Research through Dec. 31, after which he will serve as strategic advisor to GE Aviation into 2021.

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