Industry Round-up, August 30, 2019


AVweb’s weekly news roundup uncovered reports on the launch of an aviation weather API website, the award of a standards certification for a business aviation consultancy group, and new capabilities for an aviation training management system. Weather intelligence provider Baron announced the launch of its new Baron Weather API for Aviation website. The company says the service provides a way for developers to integrate aviation weather data with devices and services including location-based smartphone and tablet apps, websites, desktop applications, multi-function displays, chart plotters and electronic flight bags.

Business aviation consultancy JetSolution Aviation Group recently achieved its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard certification in Aircraft Transactions, Financing and Charter Operations, Aviation and Legal Compliance Advisory, and Aircrew Placement for Business Aviation. The Hong Kong-based group was awarded the certification by SIS Certifications after a series of surveillance audits. Finally, Britannica Knowledge Systems will be demonstrating new capabilities for its Fox Training Management System at the 16th Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit (APATS) in Singapore. According to the company, the new features will help customers “save time, improve safety, enhance record-keeping and ensure accurate billing.”

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