Industry Round-up, October 2, 2020


This week, AVweb’s news roundup found reports on a new learning management system for pilot training, the upcoming launch of an on-demand urban air mobility service and an addition to the offerings at an aftermarket services provider. France-based flight simulation training company SimAero has introduced a new learning management system for online pilot training. Available course modules include weight and balance, limitations and performance as well as low-visibility operations, upset recovery and performance-based navigation.

Eco Helicopters has announced that it intends to launch its EcoMax on-demand urban air mobility service in California’s Los Angeles metropolitan area during the second quarter of 2021. The service will fly Robinson R-44 Raven II helicopters with plans to convert to an all-electric “EcoMax” version pending completion of FAA supplemental type certification for the propulsion system. Finally, Simple Aviation Services has added in-flight entertainment (IFE) software modifications to its portfolio of support services. The company, which provides aftermarket services for the IFE sector, is based in Florida.

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