Why empty legs are like Bigfoot, flying private isn’t always a G650, and the potential influx in aircraft purchasing in late 2023; FLYING Finance’s Preston Holland joins Inside Aviation to discuss the latest topics in the private aviation space, including hot takes on some popular TikToks.


  1. Dear Editorial Staff,

    Thank you for the informative content presented. However, the slow pacing significantly hindered my engagement. A more dynamic delivery style could greatly benefit future audiences.

  2. So, this is the future of AVweb? No more informative quality videos on current events and weekly round-ups?

    It’s hard and sad to watch the aviation industry collapse one merger at a time. I truly appreciate the writers here at AVweb and believe they’re doing a good job. It’s hard to say how long they’ll be around though if these cheap unscripted bedroom videos are the direction of the new owners. 😢

    Have any of you guys heard of a ‘Green Screen’?

  3. Well, FLYING Media Group this was truly ugly! “Cheap unscripted bedroom videos” is a perfect description of this kind of drivel. This is not journalism. This not intelligent commentary. You don’t need to dive much more deeply than this FLYING Media Group. You’ve found the bottom.

  4. I’m old enough to remember the halcyon days of Richard Collins, Gordon Baxter, Len Morgan, and their peers when the focus was on the art and science of flying an airplane safely while having as much fun as possible in the airspaces. Those days are gone…

  5. I thought social distancing was over for now ?
    I must agree with the other folks here,not a very impressive delivery.
    It was free though…

    • THAT was a waste of time! I guess the term “worth what you paid for it” still is valid.

      I’ve subscribed to aviation magazines since 1962–over 62 years–DOZENS of titles–and I’ve kept nearly every one of them.

      Flying Media–or “Firecrown” hasn’t made any of the titles better since their attempt to corner the aviation media market. They haven’t caught on that people read magazines for OPINION, TECHNIQUE, PURCHASING INFORMATION, and INDUSTRY TRENDS–like most in the industry, I read these for my own aeronautical education and entertainment. Advertisements for “The Fields” by the same would-be publishing tycoons haven’t exactly been inspiring.

      This “rush to the bottom” on the acquired properties does not bode well. Each of these publications has done well–FLYING, for example–the head of marketing for a company I flew for noted “FLYING Magazine is held up as an example of one of the best examples of a paid trade publication–it has (or HAD) a quality look–it has (had) excellent columnists–it had “news you can use”–even the ADVERTISEMENTS were held to a high standard.” Increasingly, that is no longer the case.

      At some point, this “house of cards’ will fall apart–I can only hope that whoever buys up the various brands can restore them to their former, quality, content. and stable of aviation educators, commentators, and pundits.