Three Injured In Second Lockheed 12A Accident


For the second time in three days a relatively rare vintage Lockheed 12A Junior Electra has crashed, this time in Georgia and with no fatalities. Three people aboard the plane were seriously injured when the plane apparently went off the runway and hit a tree at Seven Lakes Airport in Jackson, Georgia. The airport has a 2950-foot turf runway. The accident occurred at about 8 p.m. The aircraft is registered to a company based in Jackson and is well known in the area.

Also well known is the occupant who was reportedly in the right seat. According to posts by his son, Dan Gryder, the controversial YouTuber who analyzes aircraft crashes, remains in the hospital but was not as seriously hurt as originally thought. Local authorities said he and another man each have broken legs. The pilot has chest and head injuries.

Russ Niles
Russ Niles is Editor-in-Chief of AVweb. He has been a pilot for 30 years and joined AVweb 22 years ago. He and his wife Marni live in southern British Columbia where they also operate a small winery.


    • There will be a lot of AvWeb readers who are puzzled by DTSB, and who don’t know anything about Dan Gryder.

      • All those Avweb readers need do is watch one of his YouTube pontifications to know all they need to about Dan Gryder. He gives tin kicking a bad name. No one else has managed to get Juan Browne, Mentour Pilot, AND Hoover to all publicly distance themselves from him so quickly.

        • i wish i still had a copy of his one video he deleted/made private – where he literally accused Google/Youtube of “Giving out his account credentials, as Google is unhackable”

          i died laughing after i saw that one

  1. There was a hilarious tv series in Canada called the ‘Trailer Park Boys’. In one episode a character, J-Rock, was caught doing some ‘wrist action’ on his own. His response was, “if it can happen to me, it can happen to you”. Try to be a little less critical.

  2. Dan Gryder is the Col. Jessup of Aviation. “You have the luxury of not knowing what [he] knows — that [pilot] deaths, while tragic, probably saved lives; and [his] existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to [many], saves lives.” Love em/Hate em but Dan Gryder is a stark reminder that pilot complacency is a deadly passenger.

  3. Well I just put something new in my CFI toolbox for students. “Never aspire to be a well known pilot”.

  4. I’m curious as to what happened to cause the accident, and wishing a swift and complete recovery for all involved.

  5. I am still amazed by the personal invective displayed by commenters. Perhaps it’s the human condition to insult others, to be critical in an underhanded way, and passing it off as either humor or something sly that in the commenter’s eyes elevates him or her. So much for my holding aviators to higher standards!

    • Rich, you make two mistakes in your comment. First is holding aviators to high standards. Second is assuming everyone posting here is more than just an “armchair” aviator.

      I agree that the level of invective is over the top. I don’t always agree with Dan’s reporting, but respect him for attempting to educate people, especially non-aviators, regarding aviation mishaps.

      • he would be much more respected if he would lose that arrogance he has. the fact he ASSERTS his statements are the actual reason, yet, he was not there, has not researched the incident first hand, nor investigated any aspect of the faulted aircraft, yet he sits in that chair of his as the ALL KNOWING expert of EVERYONE in aviation.

        If he would be just a bit more humble and not as much of a dismissive individual, he would get much much further.

    • Rich K – Call it Gallows Humor – spend time with cops, firefighters, air traffic controllers and you would hear much of the same type of comments.

  6. “For the second time in three days a relatively rare vintage Lockheed 12A Junior Electra has crashed”

    Crashed? Rolling off the runway and rolling into a tree is a crash now?

      • The 1936 twin-engine Lockheed 12A was attempting to land at Seven Lakes Airport shortly before 8 p.m. when it crashed into a tree. Three people were on board. They were all air-lifted to area hospitals.

  7. Removing “take a demonstration ride in a vintage twin aircraft” from the bucket list.

  8. Even in their hay-day I doubt there were 2 Lockheed 12A accidents in a three day period. My guess is that they were attempting to do some “research” on what might have caused the previous crash and got in over their heads. Wish all a quick recovery.

    • Hi K,
      Yes we all will be treated to a complete analysis sunday. hes posted today on FB,
      his son posted yesterday on FB. He was a capt for delta, relieved of duties. Owns a DC-3 and tried to run over a female cop and her cruiser.
      Pilots of america calls him ‘ the biggest tool in avaition.’. Hes just a blowhard, anti authority, know it all dufus. That he ripped on the 12A crash at chino sunday, then he was party to the crash of the other 12A in Ga. the next day speaks of karma striking like a lightening bolt.
      We were hoping that maybe this would finally silence the nonsense.
      But i guess we’ll be treated to him in a wheelchair at airventure playing his banjo.

  9. Dan Gryder’s personal problems are 100% self inflicted, which ultimately cost him his job at a major airline.

    I don’t follow him as he often jumps the gun on accident facts and conclusions and shows little to no humility. However I wish no ill will on any passenger on any aircraft.

    “Removing “take a demonstration ride in a vintage twin aircraft” from the bucket list.” This is a great policy. I made this decision after the B-17 crash at Bradley (Windsor Locks). In fact, I don’t fly on anyone’s airplane (or with anyone as the PIC) that I don’t know personally.

    Let’s be careful out there!

  10. Dan probably ‘means well” in trying to reduce aircraft accidents, but he is a very polarizing kind of guy. Dan Millican, and Juan Browne are likely his biggest online critics.
    I don’t watch Gryders channel any more. He’s abrasive, ‘always right’ before any facts are known, and attacks people constantly. I’m sure he has a place on YouTube, just not for me anymore.

    • Dan’s biggest problem is the only exercise Dan gets is jumping to conclusions. He loved giving “the probable cause” for an accident without visiting the accident scene or any on site knowledge. All he does is try to give viewers that instant gratification they seek. Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong. There is a reason the NTSB often takes more than a year to determine the real probable cause, they have mountains of evidence and often conduct various lab analysis.

      At least Juan Browne leaves things open ended and often admits he doesn’t have all the answers.

  11. to Robert Elves, Good one, “A few good men”. I met and talked to Gryder about a year ago out in Utah. He’s a bit different. Sorry for the damage to classic Lockheed. Juan Browne texted that he is already on it. It appears to have happened on landing as the flaps are down. If on takeoff, the airplane wouldn’t look this good.

  12. Oh, I cannot wait to here the DTSB report on this one from Dan the Loose Cannon Gryder himself in his own incident!

    this man is so vocal he even accused Google/Youtube of handing out his account credentials so that someone could ‘hack’ his account and delete his videos, and says that Google/Youtube is “unhackable” LMAO!!!!

    What he failed to realize is that his own statements and the backlash he created after he basically ripped every unethical comment he could about the TBM Cocca Beach incident, upset A LOT of people, and someone decided to do something about it.

    He is LUCKY google did not suspend/ban his account for that accusation.

  13. Dan Gryder is the Foghorn Leghorn of Aviation.
    No offence to Looney Toons Cartoons on Saturday Morning.

  14. Dan Gryder, Please don forget to use the checklist to lock the tail wheel on a Lockheed 12A before landing. You could get yourself in a accident. This is your Karma talking….
    He who has no sins, cast the first stone.

  15. The word crash is used by the non aviation press. The proper words are accident and incident. The injuries in the GA Lockheed event make it an accident.
    When one or more airline passengers are injured in flight the event is defined as an accident even though it has nothing to do with the airplane or flight crew.