Trump Citation X Sold To Company Tied To Republican Campaign Donor


Multiple news outlets are reporting that former President Donald Trump has sold his 1997 Cessna Citation X. The buyer is a company associated with Mehrdad Moayedi, an Iranian-American real estate developer based in Dallas. Federal Election Committee records reveal that Moayedi has contributed close to $250,000 to Trump’s reelection campaigns in 2019 and 2020, as well as donating “millions” over time to other Republican candidates and the Republican National Committee.

The price paid for the Citation is not clear, as figures in published reports range from as little as $2.5 million to as much as $10 million. The online Hangar 67 Price Report on the Citation X, updated less than two weeks ago, indicates a range from $3.995 million to $4.995 million for four aircraft ranging from 1999 to 2009 models, with total times averaging 6,700 hours. The Trump Citation X is a 1997 model reportedly with more than 11,000 hours’ total time. Another 1997 Citation X with similar total time is listed with “contact seller” as the only pricing information.

In April 2016, the Citation was temporarily grounded when its FAA registration expired. According to The New York Times, Trump was able to unravel the red tape to get the airplane flying again for his presidential campaign by selling it to his newly-formed Delaware-based limited liability corporation (LLC) known as DT Endeavor I.

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Mark Phelps is a senior editor at AVweb. He is an instrument rated private pilot and former owner of a Grumman American AA1B and a V-tail Bonanza.


  1. He should’ve kept it. I bet one of the first things the NYAG seizes is his 757. Oh well, there’s always Spirit Airlines, Donny.

    • Fat chance. When the courts are done with him he won’t be able to afford the extra baggage fee.

      • Probably true but not because of the rule of law but instead the mob and cancel culture rules.

        And laugh all you want but when “they” finish “they” will be after you too….ask anyone in China, the only voice heard in China is in Beijing, not on the street regardless what side they support.

      • In most states, it’s nearly impossible to collect a personal debt. You can get a lien on property (as my neighbor has, for losing a bundle in court) but if you intend to die in that place, the sheriff won’t force sale (Ohio, BTW.)

    • You do realize that “TDS” describes Patient Zero, but most of its sufferers prefer “MAGA”.

  2. I guess I’m dull…. What (if anything) bring ge this to the level of an article in AvWeb? Slow news day? Airplanes get bought and sold every day

    Kind of disappointed that AvWeb would think this news worthy

    • I disagree,,,,Avweb is setting the “record” right as every media report covering this sale I have seen shows a picture of his Boeing 757 not this much less expensive Biz Jet.

  3. So? Next, I would be interested in news related to aviation, how much Mr. Clinton has used private jets when flying, for example, to Epstein’s Little Saint James Island. It would also be good to report the menu served on the plane.

  4. What does this article have to do with the price of Guinness in Ireland? If this was ANY OTHER sale of a Cessna Citation nobody would have batted an eye much less heard about it on “WORLD’S PREMIER INDEPENDENT AVIATION NEWS RESOURCE”.

    • Well stated. This article belongs in the New York and Los Angeles Times. Appearing in AvWeb, it has the odor of yellow journalism.

  5. Fake news! It sold for $100,000,000! It was the most beautiful perfect mini jumbo jet!

  6. Maybe you can do an article on DT getting to fly in Air Force One again after this coming Nov. 5th.

  7. How is this even news? All’s this article is is a medium for Trump bashers to comment on. Very disappointed in AV Web on this. It would appear the author is a Biden supporter along with AV Web which now is part of the left media.

    • Name the crime Tino, or do you prefer living in a Soviet style Republic? I’m guessing you just have a bad case of TDS.

      • 34 counts of felony convince convictiond , Crop.
        There is / “are your ” crime(s).
        Travel rewards eligible on ” Conair.”

        39 years + career in the court / juducial system ..

  8. Agree with granburyaircraftsales….disappointed in avweb for even publishing this clip. In the sound community it is commonly said “shut up and listen”. Maybe a good time to just “shut up and fly”……or at least talk about flying and no some other fetid crap.

  9. This story IS interesting… because yesterday I saw the news break on it…. showing Trump standing in front of his 757…..🤯🤯…with the same headline. You sorry ‘journalists’ should have someone who knows something check out your publishing before grabbing a file picture off google of ‘pics of Trumps airplane’. Thank YOU AVWEB for getting it right…

  10. It seems to me that all these comments are primarily a reflection of the polarization and divisiveness among Americans which has risen its ugly head especially in the last eight years. Many of the comments have little to do with aviation, and none even seem to reflect a thoughtful discussion of the potential implications of this story. Sad.

    • Implications of this story??? Seriously? Did AV Web do an article on John Kerry when his family sold their jet because he was catching so much flack about Carbon Credits and the use of their private jet? Show me that article?????? Exactly…….it doesn’t exist…..and This aviation media rag (that’s what AV WEB has become) doesn’t report on any Democrat Aviation related stories.

  11. You commenters are missing the point. The wording of the headline of this article is implying there is something shady about selling a bizjet to a supporter. You think a left wing bizjet buyer is required here? Another story is why it took the anonymity of an LLC to unclog the FAA roadblocking the jet’s return to cerification status? Was that Biden using the FAA to harass Trump?

  12. I’m interested in why the problems getting it registered. Might that be a problem for any of us? I would think most of us could work our way through a re-Registration process, especially if you have a battalion of lawyers to attack any problem.
    I’m OK with the story and amused at many of the responses.

  13. This article is clickbait nonsense that was guaranteed to generate tribal passion unrelated to actual aviation. It succeeded in adding to our polarization and further degraded AvWeb’s status as a site worthy of reader’s time.

    AvWeb editors, do better.

  14. Well congratulations! You finally convinced me to unsubscribe. A worthless piece of fodder, but it saddens me how many are drinking the current administration’s Kool-Aid in a King Size Slurpee. I suppose if Donald had removed a mattress label, you’d print that too. This “publication” seriously fell apart when Paul left. Goodbye.

      • I’m out as well, Nice article Mark Phelps, you have successfully ruined AV WEB. piss off!

        • The comments here are about to get a lot more civil and on-topic if you all follow through. See ya!

    • “This publication seriously fell apart when Paul left” Really? I remember him bad mouthing an engine with which he had very little, if any, personal experience

  15. I didn’t understand this part of the story:

    “In April 2016, the Citation was temporarily grounded when its FAA certification expired. ”

    I wasn’t aware certification expired. Perhaps the story meant FAA Registration?

  16. Just to clarify, shouldn’t the references be to “… the Cessna Citation X (formerly T-37)”?

  17. What are the odds that Mehrdad Moayedi’s company actually needs or wants this aircraft? What are the odds that Trump’s plane was the best available for the price? What makes this newsworthy is this transfer of an asset is most likely money laundering to avoid some campaign finance law.

  18. When I was with Cessna I met the team that designed the Citation X wing. A thing of genius beauty. Was never supposed to have winglets.


    How many airplanes are bought and sold every week? If it was ANYONE but Trump, WOULD YOU HAVE PUBLISHED IT?

    I don’t care WHAT your political viewpoint is. I subscribe to AvWeb to get aviation-related news, not politically-oriented attacks using a Communist Revolutionary-style purge that Josef Stalin and Mao Tse Tung would gleefully approve of!


  20. Cancel my subscription? We have subscriptions? I guess this means that we will never again hear any comments from Angelo, Bibocas or Granbury-services. Russ, take note. 😉

  21. What this article really says is that the entirety of our General Aviation press has gone to hell under the new ownership of the Flying Magazine Group. I subscribed to FLYING for over 40 yrs but no more. The new ownership skyrocketed subscriptions out sight & in the past few years they have acquired most every GA magazine, newsletter, and news website. If this article is an example of where they are taking GA press, I’m afraid GA is doomed.

    • These comments show why a community with a common binding interest need to not bring politics into a community conversation. It ruins the conversation for all of us.

  22. WOW! I mean I hate the current political climate more than anyone, but can’t we all just get along?

    The article began (no doubt in more mainstream media)as an attempt to color this as a shady deal. Since we don’t have sale price that or course is disingenuous. Further even if the price was a sweetheart deal, since the buyer had contributed it could be regarded as paying back those funds. Nothing to see here. Additionally the buyer being a supporter is not only not news worthy, but entirely expected. It’s almost cliche now for Trump’s detractors to lose perspective to a scary degree, so it’s unlikely that anyone other than one of his supporters would buy his airplane. That the story appeared in the first place was disappointing. But AvWeb repeating it is a valid editorial choice – as it pertains to the aircraft inventory of an American celebrity. I would have liked to see it appear slightly less accusatorial and more dispassionately factual, but we’re all human. For instance, in the paragraph exploring comparative value, the lack of inclusion of the celerity factor is a fatal error. This aircraft can’t be compared to ordinary aircraft anymore than could something owned by Elvis or other celebrities. The omission renders that entire paragraph pointless. And I too would have liked to hear more about the FAA issues with this aircraft. That is something many of us here could be helped by knowing.

    In short, not AvWeb’s shining moment, but they’ve done worse.

    • Thanks for the civility. But, I hesitate to overplay celebrity value. Airplanes tend to derive their value more from their current usefulness than from whose fannies sat in their seats.
      Elvis’s JetStar sat in the desert for 40 years before it was bought recently by a YouTuber for $234,000 to be turned into an RV.
      The only issue the FAA had with the Citation back in 2016 was that whoever was handling paperwork let the registration expire without renewing it. Just to show that I can be non-partisan, the same thing once happened to Angelina Jolie when she failed to renew the registration on her Cirrus SR-22.

  23. From flttester:

    “What this article really says is that the entirety of our General Aviation press has gone to hell under the new ownership of the Flying Magazine Group. I subscribed to FLYING for over 40 yrs but no more. The new ownership skyrocketed subscriptions out sight & in the past few years they have acquired most every GA magazine, newsletter, and news website. If this article is an example of where they are taking GA press, I’m afraid GA is doomed.”

    I COULDN”T AGREE MORE! Ive subscribed to Flying for 61 years. I’ve written copy for a number of aviation publications–my mentor in the magazine business was NOT a pilot, but he considered Flying magazine to be the “gold standard” for technical writing.

    I enjoyed Bertorelli and the other writers for their insight and honest appraisals–and their ability to point out strengths and weaknesses. What do we get from Flying today? Advertisements for “The Fields.” HARDLY “News you can use.”

  24. I wonder how many of your readers knew, before reading your article, that Trump had a second airplane? My first thought was does he still have a helicopter?

  25. To jimhanson73, I find this all so sad. My first copy of FLYING from the newsstand (yes, kids, FLYING used to be found on the newsstand with other print media), was August 1972. Before I scrapped together the money for my first year subscription, the pages were translucent and the print worn off at the edges. I was a young pilot in the making. FLYING was formative. I could have cared less about some rich real estate investor’s get-rich project In Tennessee. The greed and self interest is what’s going to kill GA. It’s a real shame. The ownership of Firecrown should be ashamed of what they have done. Perhaps it was inadvertent with good intentions but still, they are screwing GA!

  26. Dear Avweb,

    I suggest you reference your own letter that was published August 23, 2022 titled “Note To AVweb Readers Regarding Comments”. Even a 12-year-old in today’s times could’ve foreseen the emotional response the above irrelevant article would illicit. You claim to not want your media platform to be “spiraled downward into political dogma, disinformation and ranting”, but yet you feed the beast with crap like this.

    • JR nailed it. Spot on. The comment section most certainly has spiraled downward. Unfortunately, the information content of the articles has declined recently, as well.

  27. As an FBO and sometimes aviation writer, I subscribe to many magazines.

    FLYING had a great run–with very talented editors, columnists, and staffers–Gill Robb Wilson, Robert Parker, Richard Collins, Len Morgan, Lane Wallace, Richard Bach–all were “call ’em as I see ’em–writers–and many were downright ELOQUENT.

    It will be interesting to see how this sorts out–the first time that anyone replicates the former format for aviation magazines, Firecrown & company will be history. It’s a shame what they’ve done to the industry–acquiring all of the aviation titles–and as the old saying goes–“It’s hard to AVERAGE UP!” We can take some solace in the fact that the fatal wound was self-inflicted.

    My only regret is that Firecrown should have acquired the rights to the old Trade-A-Plane–it was only an aviation products publication, without editorial comment–and was already dead, so they couldn’t have damaged it further. There is a NEED in the industry for a trade publication that not only lists aircraft for sale, but gives a sense of where the market is for almost anything that flies–and ALSO is a “one-source publication for every aviation parts and service provider.”

  28. Is this all AvWeb is going to do now, reprint (post) others articles, with no original content? And post articles that may be construed to be more political in nature than aviation related?

  29. I agree–I fail to see what value this story has other than to unnecessarily rile up already divisive political views. Aircraft are bought and sold every day, so who gives a rat’s ass about this transaction which has no relevance to this enlightened readership? There are plenty of other tacky sources for this type of irrelevant fodder, so please return to the meat and potatoes content that we (I think) come here for…