United Pauses Pilot Hiring Amid Boeing Delays


United Airlines is the latest carrier to pause pilot hiring, with the company citing ongoing aircraft certification and manufacturing delays with Boeing.

In an internal memo seen by CNBC, United addressed its pilots, noting that it will pause new-hire classes for the months of May and June. The airline also emphasized that participants in United Aviate and United Military Pilot Program will continue to receive priority in the hiring process.

According to the memo, delays in Boeing’s deliveries have impacted United’s growth projections for 2024, particularly affecting the expected delivery of 80 Max 10 aircraft. Executives say that none of these aircraft have been certified, and their delivery timeline remains unknown.

Despite the setback, United stated that it has already hired more than 450 pilots this year and it is on track to hire more than 800 by the end of April.

The company plans to resume pilot hiring in July.

Amelia Walsh
Amelia Walsh is a private pilot who enjoys flying her family’s Columbia 350. She is based in Colorado and loves all things outdoors including skiing, hiking, and camping.


  1. Please tell me what that photo has anything to do with United and Boeing? Put a pic of a United 737, or something. Jeez.

    • It looks like a return to the 70’s practices where FBO’s would hire young women to draw in pilots who had landed and sell them fuel and services. It’s a “Follow Me” without the need of a sign.

      • I will tell you one thing without explanation. I prefer female ATC over male ATC. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Now, just think if I was trying to buy fuel from someone who was trying to sell me fuel, everything else being equal. You only get one guess.

        • Interestingly, Convair was the first US military aircraft manufacturer to use a woman’s voice in an aural warning alert system for its B-58 Hustler. USAF crews called the female voice “Sexy Sally” at the time, which was the recorded voice of Joan Elms, an actress and singer of the era.

          Later other women’s voices were recorded for 4th generation fighters like the F/A-18, F-15, and F-16. Better known as Bitchin’ Betty. No true scientific studies were ever done, but the general consensus for this was that a woman’s voice gets the attention of a man a lot faster than that of another man. This was of course all back in a time when only men were allowed to fly combat aircraft in the armed services.

      • I remember those days circa 1970+/-. Was an Army aviator at the time. A flight of 4 or 5 Hueys would bring out the best of them. The place with the S&H Green Stamps usually got our business though.

  2. I think United is using delayed plane deliveries as a convenient excuse. I’ll bet United’s training department needed a break to catch up on the backlog of new pilots. Several other airlines have pretty much already admitted that.

  3. On DD’s and the follow-on comments: I am surprised at all the nonsense you guys can wring out of one picture with a handful of young women in it. This isn’t 1950, guys.

  4. Imagine somebody once thought Briefcase Drill Teams were somehow cool. A rising tide lifts all boats – Pretty sure the pic of United’s Emily Dickinson Aeronautical University students has caused an increase in admissions at ΔTX Flight School, operating out of that one FBO over at the far end of the ramp. Just where to find a job after graduating is now the question for all students in the pipeline.

    • I don’t think you understand how their pipeline works. After attaining the requisite hours to fly for a regional the Aviate pilots go fly for one of UALs regional partners. All of whom are quite desperate for pilots. I’m pretty sure they’ll all be fine.

      • Except in the end, it doesn’t work out that way. Our grandson, whose father is a UAL pilot (as was I), was stuck in the Aviate program for a long time, because the regional was so short of Captains he could almost never fly. Hard to build time if you can’t fly.
        He got a call from Delta, and after a one-day interview, he was hired there. He’s already finished training and OE, and is now flying the line for them.
        I know several parents (and even some of United’s “Mentor Pilots” for the Aviate program) who are advising people to abandon Aviate and get hired somewhere else.
        United has royally screwed the pooch with this program. It has never worked as it was supposed to, and the current DEI emphasis has messed it up even further.