Alsim Opens New Production Facility


Flight simulator manufacturer Alsim announced the opening of a new production facility next to its existing factory in Le Loroux-Bottereau, France, on Tuesday. The new facility will integrate the company’s production and hardware engineering teams along with providing space for constructing up to ten simulators at a time. Alsim cited growing market demand as the impetus behind the decision to expand production capacity.

“Upholding our spirit of innovation at ALSIM, we remain fully engaged in offering simulators at the cutting edge of technology,” said Alsim CEO Jean-Paul Monnin. “We are continuously reinventing ourselves and our devices and this new production facility marks an important milestone in our company’s development and a significant industrial advancement.”

Alsim further noted that it has reorganized production with the goal of getting “a greater reliability of manufacturing processes.” The company says the move will also allow it to consider pursuing International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification. Alsim, which is headquartered in France, got its start in 1994.

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