NTSB Taking Over Investigation Of 747 Crash In Afghanistan


The NTSB announcedtoday that will take over and complete the investigation into the April 29, 2013, crash of a National Airlines Boeing 747 at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. The cargo flight had originated at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, stopped at Bagram for fuel and was departing to fly to Dubai when it crashed shortly after takeoff. All seven crew members were killed in the accident and the airplane was destroyed. The airplane was observed to pitch up after passing through 1,200 feet AGL. It then stalled and crashed.

According to the NTSB announcement, the investigation is being conducted in accordance with ICAO Annex 13. It was initially being led by the Republic of Afghanistan. The NTSB was assisting as the accredited representative of the U.S., the country of the aircraft manufacturer and operator. This week, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority delegated the remainder of the investigation to the NTSB, which will include completing the final report. NTSB Acting Chairman Christopher A. Hart has appointed Tim LeBaron as the investigator in charge.